There are approximately 1000 Korean language schools in the United States, most of which focus primarily on children. The Korean Language Center of New York was founded to teach Korean language skills suitable for adults for everyday use. KLC teaches the communication skills that can be used in both a casual and professional environment. Our students attend KLC for various purposes ranging from improving their current Korean language skill set, learning Korean as a new language.


The intensive course is a special summer Program. It is designed for students who wish to take advantage of their summer vacation to learn the Korean language. Classes are available from 10:00am~1:00pm from Monday to Thursday for a term lasting 4 weeks. These intensive courses cover Elementary Korean to Advanced Korean. Classes will be in an intimate setting ranging from 8~12 students.

Tuition: $500

Program #1       June 6 ~ June 30, 2016
Program #2       July 5 ~ July 29, 2016

Please contact Dr. Lee at the Korean Language Center at 212-563-5763 or email at for further information.

It has been seven months since we opened  the Business Korean class. We will open third term of Business Korean class for professionals who work in the business/legal fields. This program will run from Jan. 8 ~ Mar. 25, 2016. The class will be scheduled for Fridays from 6:00 ~ 8:00 PM.

The students who want to attend this class must have an intermediate or higher skill level of the Korean language. If you are interested in joining this program, the placement test should be taken from us in the near future. Please call us at 212-563-5763 to set up an appointment for the test.

Classes are limited to the first 8 students at a special discounted price. So students are encouraged to register as early as possible.


updated in Apr. 2016

Term Deadline for Registration Placement Test Term Begins Term Ends
Spring  Session II 

Apr. 8, 2016

Apr. 6 ~ 8,  2016

Apr. 11, 2016

Jun. 01, 2016

Spring  Session III

May. 6, 2016

May. 4 ~ 6, 2016

May. 9, 2016

Jun. 30, 2016

Summer Session I

Jun. 3, 2016

Jun. 1 ~ 3, 2016

Jun. 6, 2016

July. 28, 2016

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